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About Me

I am implicated with Software industry for last 9 years. My strong interest in Computer Sciences originated, after the completion of my high schooling. Since than, I have developed plenty of skills and expertise in computer sciences particularly in Oracle Technologies. When I started my under graduation in computer science, it was being introduced to me as a mere process of creating and applying software. Grounded with the basic computer science knowledge, I had then begun to think about the dynamics working behind the complex systems. That was the time when I started gaining the peculiar interest in this discipline.

Thereby, I set my mind on a career in this emerging field and posses a thorough knowledge of different computing systems under heterogeneous environments, the degree courses in my institute gave me a good exposure and ken of the subject. Equipped with solid knowledge on computer science during my first university degree ( BCS Honors – Bachelors of Computer Science Honors), I started my career as a software engineer with intensive involvement in all the areas of software development. Presently, I am working at NSW Health, Sydney, Australia as an Oracle Applications Technical Consultant. Here I have been involved in r12 Upgrade Project. I have worked for another Government Organization – Australian Securities and Investments Commission. I was involved in BI development there.



1. Imran - August 7, 2007

Keep up the excellent work!

2. Muhammad Habib - August 8, 2007

Thanks Imran

3. Faheem - August 20, 2007

As salaam ale kum Habib,
I was surprise to see ur site which resembles like some official oracle website. Masha Allah Excellent . Great Job!

4. Muhammad Habib - August 20, 2007

Thanks Faheem. I really need your prayers.

5. Asad - August 27, 2007

Please send me the password so that the AP setup text can be viewed. At present it has been password protected. It was posted on 28 July, 2007. The site provides good learning and material. Good work.


6. Muhammad Habib - August 27, 2007

Dear Asad

Thanks for your comments. I am going to send you AP setup steps. Hope that will be helpful to you.


mohammed abdul jabbar - April 24, 2012

aslkm my name is mohammed abdul jabbar & i have completed my btech and i have completed my oracle course & i need ur can i get a job in oracle field with out experience in saudiarabia

7. farhat zaman kayani - August 30, 2007

AOA habib bhai how r u i m a Oracle Database Administrator in Saudi Arabia. I m interested in Oracle Financials can u help me. My email id is farhatzaman@gmail.com. If u will contact me and guide me i will b really greatfull to u.

8. Muhammad Habib - August 30, 2007

Dear Farhat

You are more than welcome.


9. Hussain, India - September 5, 2007

Salaam Alaikum, You are doing a great job by providing such a nice platform to Oracle Apps community. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

10. Muhammad Habib - September 5, 2007

Wa alikum us salam

Thanks a lot Hussain. I really need your prayers.


11. Imran Ishaque - October 3, 2007

Us-Salam-O-Aalikum Habib,

I just came to your site when I serached google with the follwoing keywords “major business functions of Oracle General Ledger”. And your blog was at 8th number from top. So it’s clear that atleast you are in the top 10 position for Oracle Apps search on google. So 1st of all CONGRATULATIONS on that.

2nd thing is that as mentioned by Faheem in the 3rd post your blog’s look is very professional. I must again CONGRATULATE you on choosing word press for your blog. I haven’t gone through the archives of the blog but I have the feel that this would be a very good experience for me.

Once again keep the GOOD WORK going.

Inshah-Allah you’ll have more success then expected.

Imran Ishaque.
Senior Consultant
Keane Canada Ltd.

12. Muhammad Habib - October 4, 2007

Dear Imran

Thanks a lot for your comments. I really need your prayers.


13. Shahadat - October 29, 2007

Salam habib Bhai,I am Md.Shahadat Hossain
I neer oracle E-Business Suite Software to learn Financial.Would you kind to send me a copy of E-Business Suite.

14. Shahadat - October 29, 2007

Please give me a copy of Oracle e_Business suite win version at emshm2002@yahoo.com

15. faleh - October 30, 2007

I am looking for some one have good experiance in oracle HRMS modules

16. Muhammad Habib - October 30, 2007

Dear Faleh

Do u need to learn HRMS or what?

17. Muhammad Habib - October 30, 2007

Dear Shahadat

EBS software is available at edelivery.oracle.com



18. Kamran Ashraf - November 1, 2007

Really nice to see someone sharing his knowledge from our area which is lacking…. I was searching for Institutes for OCP in FSD area but found your web…
Keep up the good work

All the best
Kamran Ashraf
System Administration Officer
Crescent Cotton Products, Jaranwala

19. Mushtaq- Toronto, CA - November 5, 2007

Good Work, keep it up…

20. Muhammad Arshad - November 6, 2007

If any brother feel prblems in Dataware housing of ORACLE & TERADATA , please feel free to contact me….


As Habib has done a greate efforts, & I congra… to him.


21. kwtdba - November 19, 2007

Please send me the password for the AP setup document as it is password protected. Thanks a lot for providing such a helpful info. This help apps community in critical times. Keep it up.

22. M.Khan - November 28, 2007

Dear habib,

Your participation in IT is real tremendous specially in Oracle. a lot of professional Tips available here for free of cost. When I found your site I literally surprised to see valuable thinks here.

i need some guide regarding Oracle financial Certification, i am getting proper training on these module(GL,AP,CM) after it i have to plan to get certification kindly guide me the Pattern.

23. Muhammad Habib - November 28, 2007

Dear M.Khan

Tutor documents are the best resource for certification.


24. davidhaimes - November 29, 2007


I added your great site to my blogroll at davidhaimes.wordpress.com

Would be great if you could add mine to your blogroll


25. M.Khan - November 29, 2007

Dear habib,

First of all thanks to reply.
i need information about certification detail, like how many paper i have to take in certification. for a functional side.



26. Muhammad Habib - November 29, 2007

Dear M. Khan

Follow this link and select your region as United States.


You will get all the details about 11i payables track, receivables track and bla bla bla…..

Hope that will be helpful.


27. Sohail - January 29, 2008

First of all thanks
Salam habib Bhai
I was surprise to see ur site which resembles like some official oracle website.Excellent
All the best

28. qpryzhijchertgj - February 2, 2008

Lafarge to buy Orascom Cement for $12.8 bln link

29. Mohamed Rafiulla - February 18, 2008

Assala mu alai kum,

Current am doing Oracle Apps HRMS Functionals consultant Course from Oracle university Bangalore. Can you please send US and UK pay roll set up document with snap shots, It will be help full if you can send.

Allah Hafiz

30. Khader Mohiuddin - February 19, 2008

Dear Habib,

Thanks for your great service and providing informative site to Oracle Community.

Just a thought, you may consider providing URLS to popular job sites for Oracle professionals in various countries, Asia,Middle East, EMEA, USA Etc…..

Good job, keep it up.

Khader Mohiuddin
Oracle Apps e-Business Consultant
Toronto, Canada

31. Abdul Salam - February 20, 2008


I am a student at Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan, beside studies i am working in an private company.

Before, taking admission in ICAMP (before 2004 ) i used to database programming in MS SQL, Access and VB.

The reason telling above nothing but to realize that i have done nothing in life. i tried to install oracle financial 11i on but left after 1.5 months continues tries on win xp, and now today i am trying to install oracle 10g suite on windows 2003 server sp 2 and can not run setup even. (autorun.exe, setup know as universal setup).

I asked a friend then changed temp to 5 GB free disk space as per his instructions but still same temp error. (upto 45 mb disk space).
now i am really tired from oracle, even i know its better than others but…………… !

is there any solution for like me people ?

Stay Smart Always
Allah hafiz

32. Muhammad Habib - February 21, 2008

check if there is any virus on your OS.


33. Abdul Salam - February 22, 2008

No there is no any virus i have updated anti virus.
Last night i tried to install 9i and ….ahummm.. that installed without problem.

34. mohamed elhadidy - February 23, 2008

Dear Habib
i need to take “oracle financial certification” but i don’t have any thing to study from and i don’t know where do i get them.
would u pls help me find tools to study and take this certification?????

35. Muhammad Habib - February 23, 2008
36. Abdul Salam - February 25, 2008

Dear Habib,

Would you like to tell me in detail that how can i configure my Oracle Database 10g for my client application which will access through internet (V Wireless DSL)?

I have 10g DB on win2003, connected to Internet by LAN.

Please tell me what applications i need to install at server and client as well their configuration.

Stay smart n In Peace,
Allah hafiz

37. Nilesh - March 3, 2008

Hi Habib,
I will appreciate your help with the following:

I have a existing Oracle applicttions and need to bring one of the new business on it. The new business will use GL, AP and FA. We will use existing COA. This business will have 3 sets of books (1- tax book, from April to March; 2- Primary book, from July to June; 3- Reporting book, from July to June); All books will have same currency; HOW DO I TRANSFER DATA FROM PRIMARY BOOK INTO TAX AND REPORTING BOOKS EVERY MONTH? IS THERE ANY STANDARD ORACLE PROCESS WHICH CAN BE SCHEDULED?
Thank you in advance for your help.

38. M.khan - March 5, 2008

Dear Habib,

brother i need some help to deploy JSP pages on Oracle application server if you have any idea then please share.

Thanks and Regards


39. Muhammad Rizwan - March 6, 2008

Assalaam-o- alekum Habib,
I was surprise to see ur site which resembles like some indian oracle website.My personal opinion about Pakistanis senior peoples in oracle was not good, I think they don t share knowledge. After seeing your web site I feel I was wrong, I am working oracle Partner Company here people don t share the any thing. Now I will give your Example Inshallah,I want to share a link see this and give proper position
Best of Luck

40. Abdul Salam - March 10, 2008


Thank you very much for you help.
I have studied your atricale about installing 11i suite but I have 10g Database, now what to do ? Should i reinstall windows 2003 server or it can be installed/update on it?

Note : i have not VC++ or any other like Perl installed.

Waiting for you reply.

Stay Smart
Allah hafiz

41. Muhammad Habib - March 11, 2008

Dear Abdul Salam

You must reinstall windows.


42. Abdul Salam - March 11, 2008

Well, but i have my current application db in 10g, so i want to keep it on 10g. Is it possible that after 11i installation i would install 10g Database ?

if yes then give me a hint or atleast possible error which can be faced while installing 10g db.

thank you for reply..
Stay Smart
Allah hafiz

43. Muhammad Habib - March 11, 2008

Dear Abdul Salam

First of all I want to say that its not logical to place your customized application and EBS on the same server. Place them separately. There should be no other database where EBS is installed. or vice versa EBS should not be installed where you want to place your customized applications on another db.

There will be a conflict. Oracle does not recommend it.

If you still want to use 10g, then go for EBS release 12. When it will be installed, DB 10g will be installed automatically.

Hope that will be helpful.


44. Leke - March 11, 2008

This is great keep it up.It will be my pleasure if i cn know more on Oracle and if U will be Please with my request , kindly send it to my E-mail

45. abc - March 28, 2008


Can i copy past ‘ Sending email from developer ‘ ?

i did and got many errors….

please put me right way…. i just new in oracle….

46. Muhammad Habib - March 29, 2008

Dear abc

make stored procedure and call it in your form.

That may be helpful.


47. rizwan khalid - April 16, 2008

dear sir , hope u ll b fine.first i wan to ntroduce myself .i m a student of MIT(master of IT) in 4th semester . this is my last semester and my teacher has assigne me implementattion Oracle ERP suit.
as i ve a very little bit idea about this i-e Oracle ERP suit. so i wan to start this project in time so that i can submit my task within time.
kindly sir guide how i can start this project . what prerequsit willl b needed. what software and hardware requirment should be.
one thin i wana tell u that i m not concern with coustomization of ERP solution i m just assigned to implement it .

48. Ankit - April 16, 2008

Thank you very much Mr. Habib. Your site is a real asset for any one who is interested in taking to Oracle Application test. Good starting point. I hope more people share there test experience and discuss about the topics covered to make the porcess more wholesome. Thanks any way. Good luck to you for all your endeavours.

49. M.Khan - April 30, 2008

Dear Habib,

i need help regarding tracing on database level.
scenario is that i executing some database packages from oracle forms. but this execution modifing data unexpectedly. so i would like to trace what query is performing that abnormal action.


50. deepak rana - June 2, 2008

Hi Sir ,
I am student of MCA from IGNOU ,i want to know about the career in oracle…..should i pass the OCA and OCP……….
please tell me ……….i will thankful to u…….

51. Raheel Munawar - June 25, 2008

Salam Habib

Its great website. really proud to see such an intelligent guy. My career line is same. still struggling into this field.

52. Muhammad Habib - June 25, 2008

Thanks Raheel

Keep working hard…


53. Raheel Munawar - June 25, 2008

—-This is one job for which I applied for Job. Do you have any tips for Interview. and which area should I study before interview.—–



Business Process Implementation Manager – Purchase to Pay


• Responsible for delivery of various project targets and goals within a process improvement team.
• Responsible for ensuring documentation and operation of controls are up-to-date and compliant with Sarbanes Oxley/ similar laws and regulation. Supports the periodic audits to ensure compliance with policies
• Assesses the impact of any changes in laws, regulations and Orange Business Services policies to Finance Solutions processes and works with the Service Provider to ensure plans are developed and implemented for compliance
• Facilitates definition and continuous refinement of the FS global Accounts Payable processes and sub-processes; coordinates with the Service Provider, the Governance team and other peers within FS to enable required data to be captured
• Ensures that reports are defined and revised as needed to enable improved business decision making regarding the FS processes
• Reviews and validates the Service Provider performance reports; notifies management and the governance team of issues that may impact the invoice verification process
• Effectively manage the service-knowledge sharing process with the Service Provider
• Provide primary liaison between FS and the Service Provider for operational matters relating to delivery of the Accounts Payable processes. Escalation point for FS customers regarding Accounts Payable
• Standardization of global processes, continuous improvement towards ‘best in class’ standards
• Lead resolution of process issues, working closely with Financial Systems & Processes and the Financial Operations Service Provider, as well as any other relevant group
• Any other projects, as may be assigned
• Reports to Processes Process Manager
• Manage a working relationship with Outsource Processing and Governance team
• Work with the Financial Systems and Processes team on systems/ process issues and continuous improvement

54. Raheel Munawar - June 25, 2008

The above job is related to AP.

55. Raheel Munawar - June 26, 2008

I am trying to download AP certification prepartion stuff from Rapid Share. But its showing Error, as I have to get rejestred with Rapi Share first. where i have to pay 15 cents per day?

56. Muhammad Habib - June 26, 2008

Dear Raheel

I have sent you the AP preparation material by email.


57. jassy - June 30, 2008

Dear Habib,

I looking for some good tips being a BA/functional Analyst in Oracle. I have applied to many position and have few questions.
1. What are the problem end user might face during month-end processing in most particular(OM,AR,AP and GL). and how can I say in an interview that being a functional analyst I have helped them solution those particular problems. I tried to look for answers in metalink but couldn’t find this information.
I would appreciate if you can please let me know some of the new requirements that I can talk about in OM,AR,AP……Any business requirement docs. that I can refer to would be great. Anything , anything what so ever regarding my query would be highly appreciated…..Thanx bhai.

58. jassy - July 1, 2008

would appreciate your response…..

59. Raheel Munawar - July 2, 2008

Its very good question from Jassy. Very Important. waiting for ur reply too

60. rami - July 6, 2008

hi man

i want to upgrade apps from 11.5.9 to 12.0.4
can you give the increase in datatop size and appltop size becuase i want to se the diffreancre between them

thnks alllot

61. mubasher - July 12, 2008

Dear Anyone

I installed successfully oracle Application server on my windows xp but when unfortunately I forgot my password to login for application server control console at page http://localhost:18100/. What should I do now to get that password or I need to reinstall it. Thanks

62. mubasher - July 12, 2008

reference my first message about application server. I installed oracle application server version 10g.

63. Abid Malik - August 14, 2008

Dear Habib,
This is Malik, I am working as Oracle DBA here in USA but wanted to enter into Oracle Applications DBA field, what would you suggest me for me as a first step?
FYI – I am from Gujranwala, not very far from Faisalabad.
Could you send me email at: malik_abid@yahoo.com
I would like to add you as my professional peer.


64. Muhammad Habib - August 15, 2008


First you need to get training of Apps DBA.


65. Sajid Khan - September 26, 2008

AA Bhai

Excellent work, MashAllah keep it up.
Are you still working in PK?

Interested in USA or UK?

if so email me on : sajid.khan@aminaconsulting.com


+1 949-310-3929

66. Crysia - September 29, 2008

HI, I did a search on Oracle ADI, and your page was the first that popped up. First, I wanted to say, your advice is great! I wish I had it several months ago when i was using Oracle, as I was not trained and had to teach it to myself. I am in search of a new job and I am navigating through the questions, etc, and its interesting all of the info everyone has to offer. Thanks again, I am learning more and more and as I see many jobs I apply for require Oracle experience and this refreshes my memory.

67. Habeeb - November 5, 2008

As Salaam Alikum Wa Rehmath Ullah Hi Wa Barakathu to All,
I am an Oracle developer from the last 8 years, very much familiar with SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms and Reports. Recently I decided to change my carrier from being a developer to something like get involved in Oracle Financials. I picked up Oracle HRMS and have been learing on my own from what ever material I can get from internet, but Implementing HRMS from a functional point of view needs more understanding about the module itself, so I am now shifting towards being a HRMS technical person as I already have experience in this field.
Can you assist me with the material or training to be a HRMS technical.
I really appriciate your help
May Allah reward you for this…

68. Mehmood - November 15, 2008

Dear Habib

very nice work, keep it up.

Senior Database Administrator

69. Shahid Hafeez NDC Lahore - December 5, 2008

Dear Habib,
The Greate infotmations you have provided about oracle ERP. You have also discuss about professional who are ready to train on some ERP subject so kindly tell me there is an any person or institute from which i can get proper training of ERP in Fsd.


70. Imran khan - January 1, 2009

Dear Habib Salamz…
I just migrated from .NET to ORACLE 10G, everything is gonna good,and i liked oracle..
But i’m facing a problem of how to read Image file from system to image control on oracle 10g form…i’m learnt that is can be done using java beans or webutil..but still not succeded in this …as there is no to much help on net for oracle 10g…
Can you plz tell all steps in detail….

71. Imran khan - January 1, 2009

*******HAPPY NEW YEAR********
*******ALL VISITORS **********

72. HASSAN RAZA SHAIKH - January 10, 2009

salam brother
tell me about oracle implemention companies in pakistan. i need complete detail infomation and directory of oracle e buisness suit implementation industary in pakistan

73. Muhammad Habib - January 10, 2009

There are not too many implementation companies.

My notion is: well known names are Fergoson, OraTech, InfoTech, Jaffer Brothers, Sapphire etc.


74. HASSAN RAZA SHAIKH - January 10, 2009


75. Iftikhar - January 25, 2009

Dear Mr, Habib, Excellent source of information I have found on the web. Very impressed the way you have explained the concepts in your blog.

I am having some issues setting up Cash Management in R12. I keep getting error “Data not Found”. Can you please give some help on this?

Also how do I setup taxes (simple sales tax) in r12.

Iftikhar Ahmed

76. Muhammad Habib - January 26, 2009

Dear Iftikhar

At which level you are getting this error? At the installtion time or at some data feeding level.


77. Iftikhar - January 26, 2009

Dear Habib, As soon as I go to setup system parameters, I get this error.

Also please advsie how do I setup Taxes in R12, R11 was easy.

78. ziaulhaq - February 10, 2009

I am functional consultant and working on Oracle asset.
I have managed to create spread sheet from asset integrator tool in Oracle FA but when I am uploading the spread sheet it is giving an error: ‘Please enter all the rates for this method’ .

I have checked and verified that all the rates are properly entered.
can you suggest something.


79. Yousuf - February 11, 2009

Dear Mr.Habib,
Firstly congratulations for the good site. I am Oracle Financials Consultant. I need Data Loader for entering the Invoices. Navigation is
Transactions->Transactions. I want to load the data through Data Loader for EBS11.5.10.2.
Waiting for ur docs. Thanks in Advance.

80. Iftikhar - February 12, 2009

Dear Mr. Habib,
Great effort by you in answering a lot of the questions. I appreciate your time. I am wondering ig you have any documentation for Financials API’s especially in GL, AP and AR

Iftikhar Ahmed

81. Abdul Salam - February 15, 2009

Can i install R12 on Red Had Enterprise Linux 5 update 3?
Would you tell me Linux 5 configuration steps for R12 Installation?


Abdul Salam

82. Provbdev - February 21, 2009

You are doing a gr8 Job, keep it up.

83. Mohamed Rashmy - February 22, 2009

Assalaamu Alikum dear brother,

Pleasure to see this site from you. Even I need some help. I would like to know all the interface tables and related APIs in PO module (11i) Could you help me to get it?

84. Shaymaa - March 4, 2009

Dear Mohammed,
I need ur help regarding how to let Workflow send an email notification to an external mail not to WF_Role

I really appreciate ur replay concerning this issue


85. Mary - April 22, 2009

Hi Habib ,

I have few doubts regarding the supplier bank ,branches and bank account setup .

1> Can we disable the country specific validation in case of the bank account while creating the bank account using API?
2> I would also like to know abt the internal and external currency for an account created ?

Hope to see ur reply .

86. Fatima - May 12, 2009

Really its nice and please you dont mind and give me your email ID i wanna learn from you because i am new in Oracle and wanna get alot of skill in this tool and also wanted ceritification. please sir dont reject me and email me at my ID: technology786@live.com
I will be thanks full and waiting your positive email
Wish you all the best

87. Habib Gohar - May 12, 2009

Thanks for your comments.

My Email ID is given at the top of this page.


88. Mohamed sameer.V - July 7, 2009

Hi Habeeb,

Wonderful work. Definitely you will be rewarded. Please mention how to get password to read protected replies in your blog.

I have got a job in a company where i develop applications using oracle forms template. I was zero in Apps Technology. Now i am growing slowly. Though i am a commerce graduate Still slow in putting technical and funtional terms into my mind. I have Visio in my Laptop. floating here and there in VISIO without proper navigation. Your Blog is giving sincere insight. Can you please provide me the password to read the protected blogs also.

Thanks and regards

Mohamed Sameer

89. Habib Gohar - July 7, 2009


for which post you need password?

90. Syed - July 17, 2009

ASA Habib

Nice work , Keep it up . Some of the stuff need password. I need for Oracle Financial setup and GL setup password.


91. UmaR - July 20, 2009

great work 🙂

92. TCH - September 9, 2009

nice effort dear .
I have seen blog stat which is 139,142 hits at the moment.
Can you please tell me no visitors you have.
Also i want to know no. of page views u have.

93. Himanshu - November 16, 2009

Hi Habeeb,

I saw your blog for the very first time and am very impressed with the efforst you have put in to share the knowledge with the community. I request you to kindly provide me some documentation on oracle financials implementation specifically GL and AP set up steps and pre-requisites both. My id is himex@rediffmail.com.

Waiting to hear from you soon!!


94. syed laiq uddin - January 10, 2010

As Salam Habib Bhai,

My name is Syed Laiq uddin. I have been working as a Oracle Apps Technical Consultant for nearly 4 Years. Right now i am in Saudi Arabia i am on Project here. I want some good documents to understand Interface or Conversions in Oracle Apps for Different Modules. How to find out which column should be validated and how is the flow for this interface and conversions. Beacuse in my carrier i have not worked more on Interface or Conversions.
Please send me good doucuments on this. Thanks in Advance.

Thanks & Regards,

Syed Laiq Uddin

Saudi Mobile No:- 0096-545081200
India Mobile No:- 0091-9739433963

(Oracle Apps Technical Consultant)

95. Shahzad - February 19, 2010

As-salam-w’km Habib Bhai,

My name is shahzad and i have added your gtalk id in my list, hope u will accept my invitation. I am begining my career as an Oracle DBA so may be i need ur help. So i request you to please add me in ur list too.

Jazak Allah Kher.

96. Pathikorn Sinlamat - March 24, 2010

Hello Habeeb,

Now, I’m start implement oracle module in INV, OM, PO, AR and GL. And I interesting about your article for study it. Please send a password that I can view that article to wpote@hotmail.com.

Thank you so much.

Pathikorn Sinlamat

97. Goher - June 3, 2010

Dear HaBiB

keep it up.

98. exepatt - July 5, 2010

Nothig else with me

99. Faisal Ajmal - September 23, 2010

dear Mr. Habib,

Can i access your sample organization structure kindly provide the password


Faisal Ajmal

100. Habib - September 23, 2010


Wait for some moments …. I am sending you either the password or post at your id.


101. JIAUL ISLAM - January 9, 2011

ASA Mr. Habib
I am interested in Oracle 11i Financials Certified Professional Consultant, Payables & receivables.I need ur help.

102. Habib - January 10, 2011

Dear Jiaul Islam

Give me your email ID. I will send you study material.


103. JIAUL ISLAM - January 10, 2011

ASA Mr. Habib

jiaulislam75@rediffmail.com this is my e-mail ID.
I shall be highly obliged if you send me the details information regarding Payables & Receivables course.
Jiaul Islam

104. Tariq - February 8, 2011

Dear Habib

I am doing Setup of AR in Rel 12, my location is Saudi Arabia, and there is no Tax here, Please let me know about the tax setup.

105. Bode Usman - February 18, 2011

Hi Habib how aree you doing? This Usman Ayankoya.
I’m an accountant student can you put me through and what i will need to be successful in Oracle 11i. Please i will need your assistant on where i will get started.
Hope to hear back from you.

106. Habib - February 19, 2011

Dear Usman

Start with Essentials and then go for GL. After completing GL, you have to decide that you want to go for AP or AR.



107. AHAMMED - March 2, 2011

Assalamu alikum Habib,
I was surprise to see ur site which resembles like some official oracle website.
Masha Allah Excellent.

May Allah shower his blessings on you to come up in life and which will intern show to world that muslim ummah are on top notch level in knowledge of worldly skills and in amals of akirath.

all the best.

I am into SAP APO( advance planner and optimizer) module.


108. Habib - March 2, 2011

Dear Ahammed

Thanks a lot for your comments and prayers. I wish you the ultimate happiness of this world and Aakhirah.

Best Regards

109. Durga Rao - March 13, 2011

hi habib
u r doing great job

I am having one doubt

Can we register materialized views in concurrent program

110. Lateef - March 27, 2011

Asslame Alekum,

can u guide where i downalod nls arabic patch for 11i.

I installed 11i ,after again update installation i choose english & arabic but its giving error.
RW-50004: Running Database Install Driver for VIS instance


111. Shaik - April 4, 2011

Asslamu Alekum,

In form cuctomization,when ever i am running form, am gettng below error.

IFDBG60.exe unable to locate Component.
This application has failed because PAY115W.dll was not found.Re-installing fix this problem.

112. vijay - April 9, 2011

Hello Habeeb,

Now, I’m start installing Oracle Applications E-Business 11i on Windows 2003 server And I interesting about your article for study it. Please send a password this link please

email id :svrsoc@hotmail.com
Thankyou very much

113. Abubakrsiddiq - May 21, 2011

Assalamu Alaikum!

Hi Expert,

I am Abubakr working in Bangalore for Altisource. I want to Learn oracle E-business Suite modules (basics,GL,AP,AR,FA).Can you guide it regards to the same. Also guide me to install the software into my system/

Awaiting for your reply.



Abubakr Siddiq

114. Habib - May 21, 2011

Dear Abubakr Siddiq

I am writing my new post installation of R12 at http://oraclelabs.com

You can check it there.


Abubakrsiddiq - May 21, 2011

Thanks for your prompt response,

JazakAllah Khayr


Abubakr Siddiq

115. Swateek - June 15, 2011

Hello Habib,

Am an engineering student and wish to take up Oracle Certification, OCA in the developer track. I took a course in 10g SQL and PL/SQL but now I find that Oracle doesnt have exams for that course, I have to either go in for 9i or 11g, please suggest for what I should go and where can I get the relevant dorms from.
My mail id is swateekjena@gmail.com, I’l appreciate your early respnse.


116. Mohammed Saleem - August 13, 2011

Assalamu alaikum Sir,

you are doing a very nice job . keep it up sir .

i have a question about OTC . what is OTC and how it works in real time . please reply me as soon as possible

Mohammad saleem

117. Syed Abubakar Ali - December 30, 2011

Hello Dear Mr.Habib,

I’m Syed Abubakar Ali, Accountant.

Please send study material for GL, AP, AR

And please give me your suggestions to be successful in Oracle Apps Financials Functional.

email id: sabubakarali@gmail.com

Thank’s & Regards,
Syed Abubakar Ali

118. Mohammed Faisal - January 28, 2012

Im working as an oracle apps technical consultant from the past 3 years in india . Im planning to leave to saudi arabia on azad visa .
can i find the job in saudi as technical consultant or even oracle developer there . Is any certifications required.
tell me any single exam name to become OCA. I cant afford fee for multiple exams to become OCA.
thanks in advance.
plz reply me to faisal.oracleapps@gmail.com

119. tonyemadison - January 29, 2012

I am interested in a new acquisition by Oracle, I have read a great deal of documentation on the subject. I know it will run on the SAP ERP platform and also that it better address the best practices policies than SAP’s APO. It will more than definitely inspire some SAP users to purchase and use this module for Supply Chain Planning.

Do you have any information that would allow me to come up to speed on the functional use of this application. My e-mail address is: tmvirtualdimensions@gmail.com, I am preparing to take a class and would like to prepare my questions in advance.


120. mohammed abdul jabbar - April 24, 2012

i have completed my btech now im seaching a job in oracle field i have completed my rac . can i get a job in saudi arabia with out experience
plz rply me

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123. Gurdayal - June 30, 2012

all the information given above is motivational.
Respected Sir,
i am presently working in dubai, i have done B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering.
i wants to continue my career in database as this is my favorite subject.
Please guggest me some options for that.

124. sachin - September 11, 2012

I read all the comments and your career blog it’s intresting and you did great job. I want to learn Oracle Implementation (GL,AP,AR) how can i get documents online with senario. If you have any doucment send me to damsac@gmail.com. Please help me.

125. MUHAMMAD Junaid - October 24, 2012

I’ve Created DEV , UCM and PORTAL schema from RCU. and Then try to install UCM ,when schema passwrd screen appear for LOGIN and Create weblogic domain , It tell me INCORRECT PASSWORD, SO , I’ve DROP these 3 schema using RCU , during DROP schema, different errors appeared , and I’ve DELETED the middleware\rcu_Home folder and Unzip the rcu.rar fresh file to the same directory
when I RUN rcu.bat and selectec CREATE SCHEMA then RCU WOUNDNT ALLOW ME TO CREATE SCHEMAS FOR PORTAL , DEV , UCM ..and also they appear in combo box to select

I think it only droped not DELETED
tell me the sqlplus commands fro DELETE schema. and also tell if it is DANGEROUS to delete some schema(example DEV schema) as I’m developing portal via WEBCENTER -Jdeveloper(integrated weblogic) , Xe , RCU, UCM )

126. Muhammad Ameen - December 4, 2012

hi habib bhai how are you i am a student of computer science
habib i need some basic project in oracle and also gudieline how i can do that so please telll me
thanks in advance
God bless u

127. nagaraja - December 26, 2012

hai habib ,
I am nagaraja , I completed oracle apps technical course with can u help me ,how was the real time environment in oracle apps and also please send me a model oracle apps experience resume………
I am ever grateful to you………wish u all success in deeds and endeavors..

128. Aanchal - January 30, 2013

Hi Habib,

I need to have core knowledge of Finance modules.
Could you please guide me in that.
I have 2 years of work Ex in Interfaces ,Reports and bit of Finance modules.

Need your help to learn Finance Functional in depth.If you have any documents please send them to me at aanchi88@gmail.com


129. Muhammad Habib - February 1, 2013

Hi Aanchal,

If you want to understand DB structure of Financial modules, you can get the relevant document from metalink.

If you want to understand setup steps, I had uploaded for GL, AP & AR on the same blog.


130. Sir Guru Maharaji - May 9, 2013

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131. shahnawaz zafar (@GayaShah) - August 22, 2013

As salamo alaikum wa rahmatullah,

My name is Mohammad Shahnawaz, I learnt oracle application administration.
currently i am working on Mircosoft Technology (DOT NET). i want to switch my job dot net to oracle.
whatever i have learnt which has been more than enough for 2-3 years experience as my trainer told me.
please guide me what are the portion which i need to focus to do my job efficient after getting job.
please reply me and add me in yahoo account.

132. javeed - October 22, 2013

Assalamualikum Habeeb Bhai Masha Allah Excellent . Great Job!
My name is mohammed Javeedand i am Oracle apps technical consultant with 2 years experienced . i want a real time project experience for technical side. So am Requesting you for the Same I hope So you can Help me out . Any Small Real Time Project Reports / Forms /Interface . So Please Send it To My E mail Id mdjaveedapps@gmail.com. I hope u would help me out.

md javeed.

133. Rumana Amin - December 17, 2013

Assalam o Alaikum Habib,

I want your help regarding choice of a career in Oracle financial as a financial implementor. I am a MCA (masters in computer application) and presently working in financial sector. In my office there is a requirement of Excel VBA (Macros). Is it a good idea to start working with excel macros ? Is it good to have knowledge in macros before starting career in oracle ebs financials? How can it be helpful to start a career in oracle ebs general ledger?

I want to complete the certification in Oracle EBS General Ledger specialist. What are the job prospectus after completion of this certification? As i am new to Oracle EBS Financials, want to know which part of financial (like GL, AP, AR) is good to get a job in this field? I also want to know as a fresher i can start or my experience in FSI will help me ? Please help me out.

Rumana Amin

Muhammad Habib - December 17, 2013


EBS is a good field. Start with the financial modules and then go for supply chain, HR or whatever is more interesting to you.

When once you will have experience, you will be flying.

Macros, I don’t think will help you in learning apps. If you want to learn apps, go for even junior level job in this field or certification may give you a better start.

I hope it may help you.

134. Rumana Amin - December 25, 2013

Hello Habib,

Thank you very much for guiding me in selection of career i am looking for. I want to know if i start with general ledger certification , then is it right way to start or you have some advise on this? Please guide me in this regard. As you know i am new to accounting, is it required to have basic idea on accounting before going for certification?

I also wanted to know about general ledger junior level job details. I mean if they’ll take MCA candidate or not? My background is technical.

Rumana Amin

135. Kim - February 14, 2014

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137. Mohammad Jawad - January 1, 2015

Dear Mr. Habib, As-Salam-o-alaikum, can you please send me some helping material for GL, AP,AR certification… my email is m.jawadskhan@gmail.com
Please aplologize if i am posting some wrong things here
Mohammad JAwad

138. Muhammad Umair Azam - August 27, 2015


I have a couple of Paid assignments for Oracle technical writing.
If this interests you, please respond back at your earliest with your email address or send a mail to me.

-Muhammad Umair Azam

139. LastElvin - January 4, 2018

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