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Fellow Bloggers are Welcomed March 28, 2008

Posted by Muhammad Habib in Oracle General.

Dear all visitors ..

This blog was created just to share knowledge and experiences of Oracle. That was a small effort started a year ago. Number of visitors has been raising day by day and around 45,000 visitors have visited it till now.

I want to continue this effort of helping people through technology but due to work load its becoming difficult for me to maintain this blog and to write new posts.

Anybody who is interested to write here on any topic related to oracle specially Oracle Applications, please contact me. All his/her posts will be posted by his/her own name. A user ID will be given to manage posts.

Help others by sharing knowledge…




1. Raju Kumar Barnwal - April 17, 2008

HI Habib ,

today, First time i saw you site , I like to this and i want to contribute my x-experience, through this site .
Right now i working as a Technical Consultants As well as Bi Consultants (Discoverer N XML Publisher Report ) .
Raju Kumar Barnwal

2. David Haimes - May 5, 2008

I always watch this blog and linked to it from my blog, it is a valuable resource. It is a different style to my writings, more giving specific instructions for set up and use than myself.

It is good to see you want to encourage others to share – keep up the good work

3. Muhammad Habib - May 5, 2008

Thanks David

4. BJ Kelly - June 3, 2008

Has anyone out there attempted to implemnet ASCP in a heavy repair and service parts organization. The key concepts I need to deal with are time phased fractional BOM factors, time phased re-order points, make-buy-repair decisions, constraints base on carcasses, material, budget, resources. I am an experienced Xelus/Click Commerse implented but my client is implementing Oracle 12i ERP and is interested in eliminating Click as a bolt on. I can handle all of this in Click but need some recommendations if these concepts can be easily handled in ASCP. I know that Oacle is developing Service Parts Planning (SPP) but it is too immature for my client.

Any assistance would be appreciated

5. dbametrix - October 21, 2009

Hi Habib,

Any kind of help is needed then kindly inform me also.

Thanks and regards,

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