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Installation / Re-Installation of Oracle Database 10g on Windows November 17, 2007

Posted by Muhammad Habib in DBA.

1.    Take back-up of data (Full Database).
2.    Shutdown your database. (Shutdown Abort).
3.    Take back-up of SP file.
(If you have set some parameters previously according to your environment)
4.    Note the size and names of all table spaces.
5.    Delete Database through wizard (If previously installed).
6.    Run Installer and uninstall Oracle from your system.
7.    Remove Oracle entries from registry.
8.    Restart your system.
9.    Remove Oracle Directory from System.
10.    Check services from Administrative tools. Please verify that there should not any Oracle related service existing in the list. No TNS, no oracle home etc.
11.    Reboot your system.
12.    Run Oracle Installer and start installation. Follow wizard and select options according to your requirements.
13.    When Database is created, verify your work by connecting to database.
14.    Shutdown Database.
15.    Restore SP file.
16.    Start Database.
(Note if you find any error on startup, then you have to generate SP file from init.ora file)
17.    Install patch from its installer and run the related scripts. (It will take around 45 minutes so no need to worry).
18.    Reboot your machine.
19.    Create table spaces by same name and size as we noted in step 4.
20.    Load (Import) backup from dmp file. Create log file as well.
(View log file. If you find any error of “table space already exists”, then don’t worry. It is because we have created the table spaces our selves.)

Good Luck!!!



1. Mauricio - April 19, 2008

Thank you for sharing this information.

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