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PO Interface Tables November 13, 2007

Posted by Muhammad Habib in Oracle Applications, Oracle Purchasing.

If some customized system have the data and we want to Generate the interface of PO and to generate the PO directly in Oracle Purchasing; means we enter the data in our system and want a interface that directly generate the entry in PO tables, two interface tables are involved PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE and PO_LINES_INTERFACE:

INSERT INTO po.po_headers_interface
(interface_header_id, batch_id, process_code,
note_to_vendor, action, document_type_code,
currency_code, payment_terms,closed_code,
created_by, rate_type,  rate_date, rate,
agent_name, agent_id, vendor_id,  vendor_site_id,
ship_to_location_id, bill_to_location_id)

INSERT INTO po.po_lines_interface
interface_header_id, line_num,
line_type, item_id, item_description,
unit_of_measure, quantity,
unit_price, promised_date,



1. S.Veena - November 20, 2007

hello Habib!!

This site is simply awesome!!
At least for beginners like me who have started working with Oracle Apps, this is a great start.
Would love to know more about Oracle Apps from you.


2. Muhammad Habib - November 20, 2007

Thanks Veena.

Need your prayers.


3. santosh - February 27, 2008


Thanks for sharing ur knowledge.This site is great.
Keep updating.


4. Ron - February 25, 2009

Does the Import Purchase Order Interface, or some other program, support the ability to change purchase order fields? I know the PO Change API can be used to change Quantity, Price and/or date, but I have other fields that need to be changed.

5. Nee - October 20, 2009

Hi Habib,
Can you please let me know is there any API which can handle the
PO interface.If so please le me know the API.


6. Ashraf Naim - December 30, 2009

salaam habib bhai,

pls tell me what purpose of

7. Rajesh - June 24, 2010


I have a requirement a cancel a PO line and PO shipment line automatically for 2000+ records. Can you suggest is the interface tables supports it?

Please share the code if you have or share your experience

Rajesha MS

8. Sandeep Kumar - August 31, 2010

HI Habbi, Your code is useful.

can u have any interface for po Receipt Returns.

9. Binay - September 23, 2010

Hi Habbi,
I am new to oracle apps.can you please mail me the necessary validation required in po and ap interface.

my mail id is binayb30@gmail.com

10. Airton Cruz - April 8, 2011

HI Habib,
You can tell if there is any interface to create releases of the purchase agreement on oracle purchases?

Would you have any examples of this?


Fernando - February 5, 2013

Hi! Did you get the answer from Habib? If so, could you please share it?

11. Safhan Ghauri - January 21, 2012


Very good document but after run import program lines are rejected.
How can I check error OR reasons for rejected lines?

12. Fernando - February 5, 2013

Hi everyone!
Must I charge the code_combination_id or the segments of the account in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE?

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