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What is Oracle ASCP? April 30, 2007

Posted by Muhammad Habib in Oracle Applications.

(I was searching about ASCP, but could not find. At last I got the details from Oracle Documentation. I want to share …)

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) is a comprehensive, Internet-based planning solution that decides when and where supplies (for example, inventory, purchase orders and work orders) should be deployed within an extended supply chain. This is the supply planning function. Oracle ASCP addresses the following key supply planning issues:


■ How do I plan my supply chain in the least amount of time possible?

■ How do I minimize the number of plans and iterations?

■ How do I plan my entire supply chain?

■ How do I involve my trading partners?

■ How can I access my plan from anywhere?

■ How do I keep improving my plans?

■ How can I plan all manufacturing methods?

The key capabilities of Oracle ASCP are:

Holistic Optimization, Planning, and Scheduling. Oracle ASCP can plan all supply chain facilities simultaneously. Short-term detailed scheduling and long-term aggregate planning are supported within a single plan. This single plan also supports multiple manufacturing methods, including discrete, flow, project, and process manufacturing.

Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling. Oracle ASCP generates feasible supply chain plans that consider both resource and material constraints.

■ Optimization. Users can easily configure Oracle ASCP to optimize specific business criteria. No programming is necessary to access Oracle ASCP’s powerful mathematical optimization capabilities.

■ Backward Compatibility. Oracle ASCP’s component architecture allow it to be deployed against any combination of Oracle 11 and Oracle 11i transaction systems.

Workflow-Driven Exception Messaging. Oracle ASCP’s exception messages alert planners to critical issues across the extended supply chain. Workflows that drive these exceptions route data to and feedback from trading partners as required, thus effectively involving them in the supply chain planning process.

Global Accessibility. Oracle ASCP’s database-centric architecture stores plan data in a central planning server database. These data are accessible from Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning anywhere via a simple browser. It is possible for multiple planners to simultaneously access data from a single plan.

Integrated Planning and Execution. Oracle ASCP’s Advanced Planner Workbench user interface not only displays plan results, but also allows planners to execute planning recommendations. Planners do not have to move to the transaction system to perform plan execution.

Simulation Capability. Oracle ASCP allows many types of changes to supply, demand, plan options, and resource profiles to simulate changing business conditions. You can generate a plan considering all the changes that have been entered via the Planner’s Workbench. Unlimited numbers of scenarios can be simulated and compared using online planning, copy plans, and exceptions. Examples of the types of changes are firming, changing sources, modifying quantities and dates, modifying priorities, modifying resource availability, modifying supplier capacity, and modifying objective weights.



1. Nanban - July 15, 2007

Hi Habib..

A very nice presentation…
It comes handy for the beginners in ASCP..

Good Work.


2. Habib - July 16, 2007

Thanks Nanban ….

3. Bal - October 16, 2007

Hi Habib,
Nice presentation. If I want to learn more about ascp, what docs would you recommend for basics?


4. Muhammad Habib - October 17, 2007

Hi Bal

Search this user guide in your EBS help “115mscug.pdf”.

Hope this will be very much helpful.


5. Arpit - November 8, 2007

Has anybody worked on implementing ASCP ? Can someone share their experience and documents ?
Thanks in advance,

6. amarufaq - November 22, 2007

Application Set Up Control Sheet – Supply Chain Planning Parameters, Exception Sets, and Demands Setup/SCP: Define Planning Parameters
Parameters, Exception Sets, and Demands Setup/SCP: Define Demand Classes Parameters, Exception Sets, and Demands Setup/SCP: Define Exception Sets Product Family Setup/SCP: Setup – Product Families
Setup/SCP: Define Forecast Sets
Planning Options Setup/SCP: Define MDS Names
Planning Options Setup/SCP: Define MPS Names
Planning Options Setup/SCP: Define DRP Names
Planning Options Setup/SCP: Define MRP Names
Planning Options Setup/SCP: Define Options – MPS
Planning Options Setup/SCP: Define Options – MRP
SCP: Define Options – DRP
Sourcing Rules Setup/SCP: Define Bills of Distribution
Sourcing Rules Setup/SCP: Define Sourcing Rules
Sourcing Rules Setup/SCP: Define Assignment Sets
Shipping Networks, Methods, and In-Transit Setup/SCP: Define Shipping Methods
Shipping Networks, Methods, and In-Transit Setup/SCP: Define Shipping Network 24
Shipping Networks, Methods, and In-Transit Setup/SCP: Define In-Transit Lead Time 25
Manager Project Setup/SCP: Start Planning Manager 26
Manager, Project Setup/SCP: Define Planning Group 27
Open and Closed Issues for this Deliverable 28

7. Doug Forrest - December 28, 2007

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8. Raju - January 11, 2008

Hi All,
How to extract Intransit Time from Bills of Distribution Form for a each Item which was shipped between Inter Orgs.
Table : MTL_INTERORG_SHIP_METHODS (Intransit Time)

Please help me as early as possible by giving a suitable JOIN SQL statement.

Thanks & Regards

9. Sathesh - January 18, 2008


I need to very much find the best way to totally create a “Categories” node within the “Plan” node. We need to create categories for each supplier so that our planners can bring up the horizontal supply and demand view that show only the suppliers they are totally in charge of managing. this wil completly allow the planner to muti select items from suppliers. Thank you!

Sathesh Armstrong

10. Partha - March 5, 2008

Assign Item category through the Tools Category on Item attribute form . Will be ok to assign at master level. Then after running plan the category set-category will be visible on the plan output on workbench

11. Angela - March 20, 2008

Great info!I have a need for an Oracle ASCP specialist that has hands-on expertise and Best Practices knowledge. If you would like to know location and Salry, please send email to angelastark@technisource.com

12. sumanth - April 7, 2008

can u just tellme how to stop receipt in to inventory. when it is un expected holiday. and

what is yield point in cycle count

13. Veena - April 30, 2008

Hi all,

I am looking for oracle apps Functional consultant with strong experience in ASCP.If anyone of you are interested,please mail your CV to veena@pwcus.net

14. rachana - May 23, 2008

i am beginner in oracle but i have an experience in an manufacuring company.which is the best suitable track i can opt.fuctional or technical ?

15. Praveen - June 19, 2008


I have a need for an Oracle ASCP professional with hands on experience to be based in Gurgaon with a global consulting firm. For more information mail praveen@careerline.in

16. Venkatesh - June 27, 2008

Is it possible to provide Lead time for each Supplier in Oracle Apps ?

17. Mani - August 10, 2008

Is it possible to configure Oracle ASCP in standalone system (Laptop).

If possible, could you please update the step by step configuration.

Thanks in Advance,


18. Shan - October 8, 2008

can you please provide me indetail steps about ASCP with screen shots through which novice user can get hands on it

Thanks In Advance

19. Rupa - October 16, 2008

A Top MNC in Bangalore requires oracle apps Techno Functional Consultants with strong experience in ASCP/SCP .If anyone of you are interested,please mail your CV to rupa.pallakki@gmail.com

20. Rotem - November 14, 2008

I am a functional ERP person and interviewing for a ASCP position with no experience in the specific module. Can anyone send me some documentation about the process itself (including players etc).

21. Shiva kumar - November 17, 2008


A Top MNC/ Product Based Company in Bangalore requires oracle apps Techno Functional Consultants with strong experience in ASCP/SCP .If anyone of you are interested,

Please mail your CV to shiva@tvainfotech.com

Please let me know if any of your friends or collegue’s are intrested in this opportunity. send me a email to know more about the company details & opportunities that they have.

Thanks & Regards,

Shiva kumar
Recruitment Specialist

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22. Deepak Sanadhya - Asst Manager Business Development - November 20, 2008

This really good doc for any one to learn about basics and features of Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)

~ Deepak Sanadhya

23. Saqib - February 11, 2009

I am new to ascp module , need steps to be taken when implementing this module ,need functional questions to ask from the client and need step by steps tutorial to understand it by all views .
Any expert who can guide please do mail me.

24. Saqib - February 11, 2009

I am new to ascp module , need steps to be taken when implementing this module ,need functional questions to ask from the client and need step by steps tutorial to understand it by all views .
Any expert who can guide please do mail me.


25. Chaitanya joshi - June 9, 2009

My self Chaitanya Joshi working with mfg. engineering company as a system developer. I am project manager for implementing capacity planning module in descrete mfg enviro. It was oracle 11i related development. I want to shift my career in Oracle apps Func. Consultant. Can any one tell me how should i move further. I have implementation exp. of MRP, and Capacity planning module.
Chaitanya Joshi

26. dbametrix - October 21, 2009

Hi Habib,

Really great article and nice explanation.

Thanks and regards,

27. ranji - January 31, 2010

Dear Guru

I have few basic queries, which I am struggling to get grasp of these phases/methods of planning

Please explain them using simple business case in terms of Manufacturing(Make Items) as well as Distributed (Buy Items)
What planning methods i have to use for ‘Make ‘ and sell,
What planning methods i have to use for ‘Buy’ and sell,
a)When i have to load Forecast to MDS
b) When i have to load Forecast to MPS
c) When i have to load Forecast to MDS,MDS to MPS
d) Do i need to use MRP when using ASCP.


when i can attach Forecast/Forecast Set to ASCP plan and Launch the ASCP plan, and then use the ASCP Workbench to release planned orders.
why i have to load Forecast to MDS , and attach MDS to ASCP plan
why i have to load Forecast to MPS or Forecast to MDS then MDS to MPS , and attach MPS to ASCP plan

Thanks and Regards

28. Ash - February 24, 2010

Hi All,

I am after some advice please. I have an Oracle SCM project and most of my experience is in SAP SCM, what would be the best course of acton to go forward and I have very short time to learn.

I have worked on Oracle but long time ago and have not worked on it since 2005.

Any advice or documents will be much appreciated.

you can send the details to me at arshadmraza@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks in advance.


29. Claudia - March 3, 2010

Good evening

Do you know somebody to helo me with advice on some problems with ASCP?

30. Ash - March 4, 2010

Hi Claudia,

I am working on Oracle ASCP project might be able to help you.



gopichand - April 21, 2016

iam new to ascp module,need steps to taken when implementing this module ,need functional flow and need step by steps tutorial to understand this module can you please help me regarding this ascp planning

31. Lenin - March 5, 2010

Hi Folks,

I need some functional interview questions on ASCP and also providing any basic doc on this be a great help for this beginner



32. Ash - March 6, 2010

Hi Lenin,

The best way to get the info is to go to oracle.com and type ASCP you will get really good info.



33. lenin - March 6, 2010

Thx ash…..



34. Emilton - March 15, 2011

Can you plan in the secondary unit of measure in ASCP?

35. Aldea Cristina - May 6, 2011

Hi all

I work in ASCP and is a very interesting thing. Is full of surprises

Marshal - July 23, 2012

Hi Aldea 🙂
Gracious !

36. oracleapsassistant - September 24, 2011

Hi All,

I am initiating a blog on ASCP for beginners and i published my first post today. If some of you are interested in learning more about ASCP, you may visit my post.

37. oracleapsassistant - September 24, 2011
38. zahid khan (Khan Trade) - March 19, 2012

we have a non food distribution network and using a sql based software for accounts,billng,collection,ledger functions,brands selling reports many more etc.
But i,m not satisfied with the poor performence of application wich is sql,asp based app. i need a help to ensure a oracle based app. plz help me.
thanks with Regards

zahid khan

39. zahid khan (Khan Traders) - March 20, 2012

we have a non food distribution network and using a sql based software for accounts,billng,collection,ledger functions,brands selling reports many more etc.
But i,m not satisfied with the poor performence of the said application wich is in sql,asp based app. i need a help to ensure an oracle based app. plz help me.

Thanks with Regards

zahid khan

Marshal - July 23, 2012

Dear Zahid Khan,
With respect ASCP costs a lot, do you think it wont cut your budget a lot ? then its the best solution I think. What is ur company growth ?

40. Online IT classes - April 24, 2013

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41. Gladiator Workbench - February 12, 2014

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Thanks a lot!

42. Joseph A. Wallace - October 8, 2014

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43. mohd akthar - December 20, 2014

give me detail about ascp consultant in sap pl give me syllabus mohd akthar +919848878644

44. shakeera - April 1, 2015

aslamalekum. good presentation you have given. I want to prepare completly about the ASCP for technical prospect. can you suggest where and how to start learning these?

45. sdorttuiiplmnr - June 19, 2015

Great line up. We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

46. Manjula - February 2, 2016

Hi every one,

Please let me know what exactly we will do in ASCP and what is the use in this? and how it will be useful for end user?? as I joined newly I dont have any idea on this..

Raja - February 19, 2016

Oracle ASCP helps in planning supply with Demand as input. It is broader plan across organization in the business unit

47. alas - May 10, 2016

Hi every one,
I want to learn more about ascp, i can have a docs on french?


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49. vinay - March 8, 2017

what is the main finding and recommendations in ascp for business purposes

50. manoj - March 16, 2017

Hi All,
iam new to ASCP can anyone tell me is there any best blog to find the error details in ASCP as i got the requirement on it so

51. Saiyid Maududi - December 14, 2017

Very good work, Habib

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